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C-UAS or Counter-Drone Measures of Defense


Over the past decade, there has been an exponential growth in drones taking to the skies for use in recreation, sporting, and business endeavors. The impact on privacy, site/event security & protection has been overburdened with the added task of mitigating unintentional and/or malicious penetrations into secure areas.


Increasingly, drones are being used to obtain information, video, audio, and images, compromising a companies privacy and security. In addition to the obvious capabilities, cyber-attacks are becoming more common in the industry. Drones can be used to hack into networks, extract data and even block communications.


The importance of companies having a line of defense against the malicious use of drone technology is becoming paramount.









Mitigations can range from:


  • Detection of the drone to ensure action can be taken to protect personnel
  • Identify the drone type
  • Track the drone and user
  • Control or disable the drone
  • Coordinate with local authorities for further actions

Our team will utilize a  whole-environment approach to C-UAS defense. 


While on-site, SkIris can provide any of the following services: 


  • Site Assessment
  • Site and Security Review
  • Installation and Support
  • Training, and Validation 


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